Looking for the best lightweight baby stroller that is ready in an instant and maneuvers with ease...all while looking stylish and chic? My Babiie strollers are designed with slender silhouettes to fold up neat and tidy in minutes. So getting out the door, strolling through the park, or checking off errands with baby is a breeze! 

We offer three types of lightweight single strollers and one double stroller -- all with a variety of color choices and stylish prints.

Lightweight Strollers

A sleek, slender design with a simple, compact fold that transforms the umbrella stroller into a small, easy-to-carry parcel. Long strolls, urban living, and traveling with your little one is more convenient with My Babiie lightweight strollers.

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Lean and Simple
2-Position Canopy and
included Rain Cover

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Comfort in Style
3-Position Canopy and
Durable Steel Frame

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Smooth and Powerful
Enhanced steering for a
smoother ride for all

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Double Strollers

Twice the fun with two little ones! They can stroll side-by-side in style. More than a fashion statement, the My Babiie double stroller is lightweight and portable, yet packed with essential features that make going out with your growing family a breeze.

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For a Growing Family
All the features of the
US-02 stroller, but for two!

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Strollers from My Babiie

My Babiie strollers are made for modern parents and their babies.


What we have created at My Babiie is different than what your typical baby gear company offers. Safety and comfort is our top priority, of course! But we have upped the fun-factor and put fashion-forward flair in the colors, styles, patterns, and overall design of everything we create. 


As a modern parent, you like to feel confident about the baby gear you use each day, but also look good with unique styles and colors that match your taste and fashion sense.


So, why choose a My Babiie lightweight stroller?


When your baby is old enough to sit up and is curious about exploring the world with you, it's time for a lightweight stroller -- making short jaunts, strolls in the park, and family travels more fun and convenient.  


The single and double strollers we make are compact enough to easily navigate through a busy city, crowded airports, even in narrow spaces. Their quick-to-fold mechanics make them a simple solution during family travels, when using public transportation, and when it's time for storage in a hall closet or car trunk.

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